The Band Trupa

The band was formed in 2001 as a part of "Military Centre Zalau" by Nelu Brindea, Gabi Cuceu, Ovidiu Grecu and Marius Szeker (ex-bass), in Zalau/Transilvania/Romania as an old-school heavy metal genre.

In the same year the band released its first demo which contained 4 songs and the band aired for the first time on a radio show. In the next spring the band was aired on the national television and played at it's first major rock festival. In summer of 2002, in front of 3000 people, in it's first open-air concert, a bang produced, which announced that Ataria might be a succesful project after 3 encores and a big "fight" by hosts trying to get the band out of the stage while the public was trying to get more and more songs. The situation wasn't an isolated case and has repeated many times. In the same period the band had first place on a radio show chart.

In 2003, in ATARIA remained 3 members and they filmed their first official video which fastly occupied first places in charts for multiple televisions with the national television on top and recorded the first full-length album "Prizonieri in mister" (the only recordings in romanian). In 2005 the band started to look for foreign opportunities and switched to singing in English. A demo was recorded with the songs "Six shadows in the sky", "Still remember", "Feel the fire" and "Keeping my eyes on you" but they never got to an album because of the recording quality.

In 2006 the band shows up for the first time in a foreign profiled magazine it was the german "Underground Empire" which labelled Ataria as "the most original eastern-european band" based on Ataria's first album, followed by more apparitions in Europe and USA.

Romeo Ciumarnean (keyboard) joins the band and the style slightly modifies.

In 2010 drummer Florin Hamza replaces Gabi for a period and Calin Iordache ( Rhythm Guitar) joins the band. In 2013 Gabi comes back and the band gets the present line-up.

In 2011/2012 the band gets "No.1 weekly rock band" 11 times on Road Runner Records USA and "No.1 daily rock band" 84 times remaining in the all-time top 100 while the chart was still active. In the same period Ataria was the Headliner of the chart along with the italian band "Cayne", replacing "Rob Mancini" who was the headliner for 6 months. It was one of the biggest accomplishments of a romanian band at that point, keeping in mind there were over 1800 bands singed up from around the world only at rock category, making Ataria one of the most known romanian rock bands, gathering fans and feedback from all around the world, even countries nobody expected ( African and Arabic states), and airing on multiple foreign radios. Unfortunately "mother-land" was "forgotten" maybe because of the lack of attention from the local profiled media concerning our achievments, spotlightning another bands which they find more "important".

In 2013 the band makes a big step for achieving the required professionism of the band creating "Cultural Association Ataria" (ACA), ment along else to support everything that is melodic-rock related and artists that are at the beggining of their musical journey, this project being a first at a national level.

In 2014 Romeo Ciumarnean leaves the band.

ACA creates first Rock N Roll Center in Romania where under the same roof were taking place a lot of themed activities like: Rock school, Rock shops etc.

In 2015 the band creates the record label "ACA Records" specially oriented to melodic-rock genres. At the same time remanages Rock N Roll Center, name applied to the association after changing the offices.

In present ATARIA is ACTIVE and available for concerts everywhere in Romania or foreign countries, also being available for cooperating with organisers and managers.

"The heavy metal lives on"

Trupa a fost infiintata in anul 2001 in cadrul „Cercului Militar Zalau” de catre Nelu Brindea , Gabi Cuceu, Ovidiu Grecu si Marius Szeker (ex – bass), in localitatea Zalau / Transilvania / Romania, in genul old school heavy metal.

In acelasi an a aparut si primul demo ce continea 4 piese si trupa a fost difuzata pentru prima data pe un post de radio, iar in primavara anului urmator Ataria era deja difuzata pe postul national de televiziune si a participat la primul festival major de profil.

In vara anului 2002, in fata a peste 3000 oameni, in primul concert „open-air” s-a produs „explozia” care a dat de inteles ca Ataria poate fi un proiect reusit, dupa trei bis-uri si o lupta grea a prezentatorilor cu publicul pentru a putea scoate trupa de pe scena, situatie care s-a repetat de nenumarate ori de atunci pana in prezent.

In aceeasi perioada, tot pentru prima oara a fost ocupata prima pozitie intr-un top radio.

In anul 2003 Ataria a ramas in trei membri, a turnat primul videoclip oficial care aocupat repede prima pozitie in topurile mai multor televiziuni din tara in frunte cu postul national si a inregistrat primul album denumit „Prizonieri in mister” (singurele inregistrari in limba romana).

In anul 2005, trupa a inceput sa se orienteze spre „occident” si a trecut pe limba engleza - s-a inregistrat un demo cu piesele „Six shadows in the sky”, „Still remember”, „Feel the fire”, „Keeping my eyes on you”, insa nu s-au incadrat niciodata intr-un album din cauza nemultumirilor legate de calitatea inregistrarii.

In anul 2006 trupa apare pentru prima oara intr-o publicatie de specialitate din afara tarii, una dintre ele fiind revista germana „Undergrpund Empire” unde Ataria a fost catalogata „the most original band in the eastern europe” in baza primului album, urmand de atunci multe aparitii in mai multe tari europene si USA.

Intra in trupa Romeo Ciumarnean (clape) si genul muzical incepe sa se modifice usor...

In anul 2010, bateristul Florin Hamza il inlocuieste pentru o perioada pe Gabi si intra in trupa Calin Ioardache (chitara ritmica), dupa care in 2013 trupa ajunge la actuala formula dupa reintoarcerea lui Gabi la tobe.

In anii 2011/2012, trupa ocupa pozitia „No.1 weekley rock band” de 11 ori pe charturile Road Runner Records USA si „No.1 dayly rock band” de 84 ori, ramanand in top 100 pe toata perioada de activare a chart-urilor. Tot in acea perioada, Ataria a ajuns „head-liner” al chart-urilor de doua ori timp de cateva saptamani (o data impreuna cu trupa italiana „Cayne”), detronandu-l pe cel ce domina capul chart-urilor timp de 6 luni ( irlandezul Rob Mancici). A fost una dintre cele mai mari performante romanesti in domeniu pana la acea ora, tinand cont de faptul ca erau inscrise peste 1800 trupe din intreaga lume doar la categoria „rock” iar chart-urile aveau peste 40.000 vizualizari zilnice – facand din trupa una dintre cele mai cunoscute trupe rock romanesti in lume si acumuland fani si feed-back-uri din tari de pe intreg mapamondul, inclusiv tari la care nu se astepta nimeni (tari arabe, africane,...), dar si obtinand difuzari la zeci de radiouri din tarile occidentale (in special). Din nefericire insa „tara mama” a fost putin „uitata”, poate si datorita reticentelor presei locale de profil raportat la rezultatele obtinute, in detrimentul altor trupe considerate de ei mai „importante”.

Anul 2013 este anul in care trupa face un pas important care desavarseste profesionalismul acesteia, infiintand Asociatia Culturala Ataria (ACA) - menita ca printrealtele sa sprijine tot ceea ce inseamna muzica rock „melodic” si artistii aflati la inceput de

In 2014, Romeo Ciumarnean paraseste trupa.

ACA infiinteaza primul Rock’n Roll Center din Romania, unde, sub acelasi acoperis se desfasurau mai multe activitati tematice: scoala rock, magazine de instrumente si tinute tematice, sala de concerte (club), studio inregistrari, etc....

In 2015, trupa infiinteaza casa de productie „ACA Records”, dedicata in mod special genurilor rock melodice. Totodata reorganizeaza Rock’n Roll Center, aceasta denumire aplicand-o in ansamblu asociatiei dupa ce isi schimba sediul.

In prezent trupa Ataria este ACTIVA si disponibila pentru concerte oriunde in tara si strainatate, fiind deschisa si colaborarilor cu organizatori si impresari...

"The heavy metal lives on"

Band Members Membri

Nelu Brindea - Vocals/Lead Guitar Nelu Brindea - Voce/Chitara Solo

Born in August ’76 , economist as profession, Nelu is the president of a strong Moto Club (MMC). Practices utility alpinism and lives on the country side where he has a recording studio and a zootech farm.

Nascut in August '76, Nelu este economist de profesie si presedintele UCMR. Practica alpinismul utilitar, traieste la tara unde are un studio de inregistrari si o ferma

Calin Iordache - Rhythm Guitar Calin Iordache - Chitara Ritm


Born in November ’93, styding electronics along others, Colin has the important role of reducing the average age of the band :). The only single.

Nascut in Noiembrie '93, Calin este Web Developer si studiaza electronica. De asemenea este responsabil sa traca media de varsta in jos. Singurul celibatar.

Gabi Cuceu - Drums Gabi Cuceu - Tobe

Born in August ’75, Gabi studied Law and he is the president of “Cultural Asociation “Ataria”". He is pasionate of whatever he wants. He owns an AMAZING collection of Rock CD’s of ’80s -’90s and not only.

Nascut in August '75, Gabi a studiat dreptul si este presedintele Asociatiei Culturala Ataria. Este pasionat de ce vrea el si are o colectie INCREDIBILA de CD-uri cu Rockul anilor '80-'90 si nu numai.

Ovidiu Grecu - Bass Guitar Ovidiu Grecu - Bass

Born in November ’74, economist as profession. Pasionate by cycling.

Nascut in Noiembrie '74, Ovi este economist de profesie. Este pasionat de ciclism.

Tour Tour

May 7th - Sibiu

June 17th - Oradea

July 30th - Zalau

August 13th - Baiut

7 Mai - Sibiu

17 Iunie - Oradea

30 Iulie - Zalau(Zilele Cetatii)

13 August - Baiut


ATARIA / Bad Idea (album) -2016- ACA Records

Price: 7 euro + shipping costs. We can make you an offer after we'll know the quantity. Worldwide sales.

ATARIA / Bad Idea (album) -2016- ACA Records

Pret 30 lei + taxe postale (4,5 lei pt. un CD. pretul poate varia in functie de cantitatea comandata). Valabil doar pt. Romania.



Phone: +40757744368

ACA Records

ACA Records is a label dedicated to Melodic-Rock bands and was created by Cultural Association ATARIA. The first release will be Ataria's album "Bad Idea" coming out on March 19th

Asociatia Culturala Ataria (ACA) a infiintat casa de discuri "ACA Records", un label destinat genurilor rock-ului melodic.

Prima lansare va fi a albumului "Bad Idea".

ACA Events

No events going on.

ACA Fest

Romanian Rock Festival is a festival/competition dedicated to Rock bands who want to play in our hometown Zalau.

Allowed genres: AOR, Glam, Rock'n Roll (new age), Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Power, Speed, Progresive

Only festival of this type in Romania

Festivalul concurs Romanian Classic Rock Fest este conceput de Asociatia Culturala Ataria si are ca scop promovarea melodic - rock-ului.

Genuri rock agreate: AOR, Glam, Rock'n Roll (new age), Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Power, Speed, Progresive.

Singurul festival de gen din Romania.

Cultural Asociation ATARIA Asociatia Culturala Ataria

Cultural Association Ataria is a GNO that has a main mission of promoting and including Rock music in national culture.

Genuri abordate: folk, classic rock, AOR, Glam, Sleaze, Hard rock, heavy-metal...NO thrash, death, punk, grange, doom, gothic sau alte duritati. Activitatile / actiunile de interes national ale asociatiei: 1) descoperirea, sprijinul, promovarea si integrarea muzicii rock în cultura naţională; 2) sprijinul, în general, prin toate mijloacele existente (promovare, sustinere financiară, susţinere materială si logistică, studii, etc.) a activitatii artiştilor si formaţiilor de muzică rock si alte genuri de exprimare artistică adiacente, condiţionat de performanţele acestora si cu rezervarea dreptului de selectare; 3) sustinerea si/sau infiintarea de centre de instruire si invatamant (scoli, cursuri sau altele asemanatoare) pentru invăţarea teoretică si parctică a genului muzical “rock”. 4) promovarea si susţinerea invăţării genului muzical “rock” în cadrul instituţiilor de invatamant pre-universitare si universitare, ca parte integrantă a culturii naţionale după sistemele internaţionale sau printr-un sistem propriu, original; 5) organizarea de evenimente culturale în scopuri diverse (concerte, festivaluri de muzică si/sau combinate – mixte, concursuri, alte evenimente care implică si prestarea de recitaluri muzicale in cadrul acestora etc.), cu toate activităţile anexe respectivelor evenimente (administrare spatii comerciale, organizare financiară, publicitate, colectare si distribuire fonduri, administrare sponsorizări, asigurare logistică generală, asigurare echipamente tehnice – instrumentale si de spectacol, etc.); 5) organizarea si administrarea de tabere cu caracter cultural; 6) realizarea si/sau producerea de emisiuni radio si de televiziune; 7) redactarea, realizarea si distribuirea de publicaţii de presă culturalăa (ziare, reviste, etc.); 8) elaborarea si propunerea de proiecte autorităţilor competente (incusiv cu caracter legislativ) in vederea sprijinirii intereselor artiştilor şi a promovării creaţiei acestora în ceea ce priveşte muzica în general si muzica rock în special; 9) înregistrarea, producerea si distribuirea de materiale audio si video în scopul realizării obiectivelor asociaţiei; 10) prestarea serviciilor de management si booking pentru artiştii pe care asociaţia ii reprezintă.

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Next Concerts

7th May - Sibiu

17th June - Oradea

30th July - Zalau

13th August - Baiut


7 Mai - Sibiu

17 Iunie - Oradea

30 Iulie - Zalau(Zilele Cetatii)

13 August - Baiut

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